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I hereby understand and agree that my participation in the Twenty-Sixth Annual Baltimore Parade of Lighted Boats is voluntary and at my own risk.  I also understand that the donation for each vessel entry is $35.00.  I hereby certify that there exists hull, liability, property damage and personal injury insurance on the vessel I have entered which covers participation in the parade.  I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Fells Point Yacht Club, Inc., their employees, agents, volunteers and all sponsors, with respect to any claims, damages or loss including attorney fees and costs arising from my participation in the Twenty-Sixth Annual Baltimore Parade of Lighted Boats and including but not limited to any personal injury or property damage which I, my employee(s), my vessel or my passengers may cause or suffer in any way, or which may be occasioned to me, those on my vessel or to my vessel as a result of my parade participation.  I agree that I will be bound by all of the rules and regulations furnished to me regarding my participation.

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